Welcome to Templeman Consulting

You’ve found Templeman Consulting, real specialists in coaching and training people for media interviews and make or break communication situations.
Lead trainer, Susan Templeman, has honed her skills in coaching and advising people on how best to manage a media interview or communicate a message since 1991.
Using proven techniques available only to members of the Media Skills™ Network, which she co-founded, Susan specialises in individual and small group media and communication training workshops for senior executives. She has a reputation for getting results.

Ex-ABC journalist Ron Fuller, brings his decades of journalistic experience to the practice interviews, coaching and insights that he delivers.

Joined by a team of print, tv and radio journalists, and with access to additional highly skilled trainers, Templeman Consulting will design a workshop or coaching session to meet your media and communication training need.

The Templeman Consulting business has grown, by word of mouth, to work with some of the country’s best-known names in the business, government and non-profit sectors. We operate right around Australia and New Zealand, and we’ll happily travel overseas.
We aim to have trusted, long-term relationships with clients who want quality training and long-lasting results.


Susan Templeman, Trainer
Susan has been a media trainer since the early 90s, after a career as a journalist and training in adult learning.
She began her journalistic career in 1982 while still a university student, on 2SER-FM, in NSW State Parliament and with the 2GB Mike Carlton breakfast show.

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Our Approach

It’s hard to tell media trainers apart, on paper. Most of them look ok. It’s what happens in the training room that really shows the difference. And that’s were Templeman Consulting excels.

We know we’re different, because clients stay and new clients come through word of mouth. So why? Rather than drive training through fear of journalists, the Templeman Consulting philosophy is to equip people with hands on skills that will help them hold their own.

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Workshops & Coaching

At Templeman Consulting, we stick to what we know - training, coaching and advising. Unlike many media trainers, Templeman Consulting DOESN'T need to offer public relations services to survive in the competitive training world.

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